Ethical Guidelines

Ethics and Integrity

Larix Journals is committed to upholding ethical standards and publisher’s integrity towards the journal’s authors, editors and the members of academic community. In the stride to maintain these high standards, we list down few essential guidelines for academic authors, reviewers and journal editors.

Larix Group ensures that all the publications are refereed and complied with Double-Blind Review process. The guidelines are given below to help authors, peer reviewers and editors in keeping a check on the areas like work integrity, conflict of interest, plagiarism, validity of science, adaptions of the existing material, adequacy of context, avoidance of unethical experimentation, and authorship disputes.

Ethical Guidelines for Authors

We expect authors, submitting their manuscripts to Larix Journals, to agree upon the expected ethical guidelines:

  • Authors must adhere to the fact that their work is original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any party, person or entity. Scientific articles are deemed to be free of plagiarism and therefore, cannot be construed on existing publications, including their own previously published work.
  • All authors, associated with the development of the manuscript with significant scientific contribution, must be mentioned on the title page since each of them holds equal rights regarding accountability for the content. One of the authors must represent as the corresponding author, who will be in contact till the publication process is completed.
  • All co-authors’ consent to publication and being named as co-author must be presented through the Copyright Transfer Agreement by the Corresponding author.
  • The manuscript, submitted to any of the Larix Journals, should not be the sole submission. The same should not be submitted simultaneously to any other journal.
  • Authors should clearly declare that the work is not published before and it is not based in substance on any previously published material, either in whole or in part.
  • Authors must ensure to cite all relevant references appropriately in the vancouver format. Any information, useful to the manuscript, which is obtained from sources such as conversations, correspondence, or discussion with some third party, should be reported or cited in the reference section. Prior permission must be taken from that third party before citing the same.